About the brand

The motto of the company is “Beauty through health!”

The SmartLika brand was created by talented professionals from all over the world. These are scientists, biochemists, technologists, doctors who specialize in cell biology, gerontology and study the relationship between the body’s internal problems and their external manifestations.

For 13 years of practice, having carried out serious work to collect evidence-based studies in the composition of products that give a qualitative result in solving skin problems, Anzhelika Alexandrovna was trained as a cosmetic production technologist in order to understand the composition of preparations in detail. She also managed to attract scientists, biochemists from all over the world to create a product that will help patients solve their skin care problems with effective means and at an affordable price. Together with a team of like-minded people, we came to the conclusion that the cause of many aesthetic flaws must be sought at the cellular level. The team set out to study the effects of amino acids, peptides, biopeptides, proteins, trace elements, vitamins, and other organic molecules on cell health. Many years of developments in the field of cell biology and biotechnology have been embodied in SmartLika cosmeceuticals, created under the motto “Beauty through health!”

SmartLika products are created in laboratories in France, Israel and America. And it is kneaded directly in Russia, which ensures affordable prices and fast delivery to consumers. Research departments of laboratories specialize in the development of innovative highly concentrated and highly effective preparations that penetrate deep into the skin and address specific aesthetic problems.

They are also aimed at creating advanced technologies and cosmetics with the most active molecules.


Welcome to the world of science, health, beauty, new technologies and pleasure.

SmartLika is a cellular cosmeceutical that provides cells with the ability to self-regenerate. Advanced skin care products, developed with advanced technologies, deliver nutrients deep into the skin, to the cells of organs in need of repair, regeneration and protection.

SmartLika combines two scientific approaches: gerontology (the science that studies the aging of living organisms) and genetics (the science of the laws of heredity and variability of organisms) and allows you to solve aesthetic skin problems by eliminating their root causes.

It is known that the human body is able to independently restore health and natural harmony, but only if the necessary nutrients and active molecules enter its cells. SmartLika cosmeceuticals nourish the skin and take care of it at the cellular level, providing the body with all the components it needs for rejuvenation and self-regeneration.

This simple philosophy is based on sophisticated research in cell biology and biotechnology. The active components of SmartLika – amino acids, peptides, trace elements, vitamins and proteins – are extracts of organically grown plants and unicellular algae. Penetrating deep into the skin, they revive its health and beauty.

SmartLika products can effectively eliminate such problems as dryness, flabbiness and hypersensitivity of the skin, wrinkles, rosacea, acne, rosacea, burns, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, changes in the shape of the bust of various etiologies, local fat deposits.

Unlike many other beauty industry products that act aggressively, making the skin vulnerable to negative environmental factors, SmartLika cosmeceuticals provide safe, caring and gentle care that eliminates the risk of skin damage.

SmartLika products are not tested on animals.


Beauty as an achievement of science.

SmartLika is based on the latest advances in cell biology and biotechnology. SmartLika cosmeceutical products use the most powerful highly purified active ingredients that enter the skin in an easily accessible form and start self-healing processes in it.


Cell biology (cytobiology) is a science that studies the physiological properties of cells, including their structure, nutrition, life cycle, division and death. The study of cell components and the mechanism of their functioning is fundamental for all branches of biology. The SmartLika brand is based on it.

Cellular therapy is a highly effective method of treating any organ, including the skin. It returns the body’s ability to restore health and harmony, as it provides cells with good nutrition. A similar principle is applied in SmartLika preparations. The most important nutrients contained in them penetrate the protective layer of the skin into cells, normalize their functions and affect self-healing processes, so that the skin improves its immunity and acquires not only beauty, but also health.

SmartLika opposes aggressive skin treatments that damage its protective mantle and make it vulnerable to environmental aggressors. Remarkable results from the use of SmartLika preparations are achieved due to the high concentration and precise dosage of powerful active ingredients that normalize cellular metabolism, preventing the accumulation of dead cells. It is a gentle, innovative and extremely effective approach to skin care.

Biotechnology involves the fermentation of plant cells with microorganisms to produce substances with a high concentration of amino acids, peptides, proteins, vitamins and other important molecules. These molecules are of a certain size and polarity, allowing them to penetrate deep into the skin and go directly to those cells that need to be restored, regenerated and protected.

SmartLika preparations contain the following active ingredients that enhance each other’s action:

  • amino acids
  • peptides
  • squirrels
  • vitamins
  • trace elements


The active components of SmartLika are obtained from algae and plants and have a natural composition. Herbal extracts are obtained from plants grown organically under strict control. Harvesting is carried out only when the content of nutrients in plants reaches its maximum level. SmartLika active ingredients are characterized by an unprecedented high level of purity and safety.

SmartLika is constantly improving and offering new progressive solutions for a wide range of aesthetic problems.


Intelligent cellular cosmeceuticals SmartLika gives the skin the possibility of self-renewal. SmartLika high-tech preparations have an extremely high concentration of active ingredients, thanks to which they give pronounced results and effectively eliminate specific aesthetic problems.

Tests and tests have shown:

  • the area of ​​skin covered with deep wrinkles is reduced by 67%, and in some cases by 90%;
  • deep wrinkles per 1 cm² of skin becomes 45% less;
  • the number of fine wrinkles is reduced by 52%;
  • the depth of large wrinkles is reduced by 22%.

During tests on the use of the SmartLika complex, an increase was observed:

  • synthesis of collagen I – by 112%;
  • synthesis of collagen IV – by 325%;
  • synthesis of glycosaminoglycans (responsible for the structural elasticity of the skin) – by 269%;
  • activity of cellular respiration and oxygen absorption by skin cells – by 282%;
  • fibroblast activity – by 59%.